About us

We are a modern family of dancers, photographers,

designers, and collectors living all around the world. 

Meet the founders.

Cav. Giuseppe & Susan Arena (on the right, here with ice skaters Guillaume Cizeron – Dance skaters Gold medalist – and Vanessa James – Pairs Bronze medalist) founded the Agliano Gallery in 2017, envisioning a space to share the artworks of their growing family and willing to create a catalyst for culture and art within the local community of Agliano Terme.

The Arenas both had professional dance careers, and today dedicate most of their time to train elite athletes, such as ice skaters and dancers, and to better people’s lives through the training and techniques of the Pilates method.

One family, three generations of artists.

David Paynter, Cav. Giuseppe Arena, Shenwei Jiang, Kristina Ferenchuk & Gregory Pepper regularly exhibit at the Gallery Agliano. Discover more about them and their work here.