Meet the Artists 

We exhibit artists from around the world,
with regular appearances of Swiss and Italian artists. 

Bernadette Saunier-Moery

It is destiny and life’s events that led Bernadette Moery, in 1997, to choose a career as an artist and, in particular, a painter. She happily incorporates objects into her acrylic canvases by playing with creativity, imagination, sensitivity, and the diversity of materials. Her choice is in perfect harmony with the current trend: revalorising scrap metal by giving it a second life.

Bernadette’s works, which have been exhibited and highly acclaimed internationally and throughout Switzerland, may shock at times by their daring conception – Récup-Art – but they never leave one indifferent. Visit her website here.

Hanspeter Kamm

Born 1938 in Winterthur. He held various jobs during his early life – from a shop window dresser, graphic artist and caricaturist to Art Director. Time spent playing with his children resulted in him producing his first works from 1980 onwards.
Hanspeter Kamm, known as an intricate wire worker and creative ceramicist, considers himself to be an unconventional spatial artist. His love of simple materials – wire, clay, sheet metal, paper and lots of colours – stands in contrast to the theories of art history and its technical jargon which he firmly distances himself from.

Marianne Schmid

Born in a small town in eastern Switzerland, in the border triangle between Switzerland, Austria and Germany, Marianne Schmid learned early on to interpret the subtle differences between cultures, forms of expression and modes. Her career path has led her into a dialogue with people, their ways of life and, currently, intensively with materials. She is always particularly interested in what transpires between the lines.
In her artistic expression, paper is her preferred medium: she uses it to capture scenes and transform them into feelings using a personal technique she calls “between the dimensions”. 

David Paynter

A multi-award winner and winner of the World Press Photo award in 1968, David worked for the press as a photographer within Southern Africa during the 1960 and early ‘70s, at a time when television was either non-existent or in its infancy there. 

His unique career led him to capture historical and extraordinary moments of African history, in a time where photography was at the peak of its art.

Cav. Giuseppe Arena

Giuseppe’s inspiring professional ballet career started at the Grand Theatre of Geneva and progressed to soloist and principal dancer at La Scala Ballet Company in Milan where he worked with world-renowned ballet dancers and choreographers.

When he had time to sit still, he won national and international awards for the beauty and quality of his painting, drawing and more. 

Gregory Pepper

A Royal College of Art alumnus, designer, and seasoned traveler, Gregory started seriously shooting in 2010 when he bought himself his first Canon EOS 600D.

Since then, he’s worked or studied in over 30 countries and captures glimpses into the lives and environments of people around the world.

Shenwei Jiang

Multi award-winning designer and artist, Shenwei is a graduate of Tsinghua University, China’s leading institution, and has over 15 years of experience in arts.

Shenwei has the capacity of capturing subtle beauty and life through a variety of media: painting, illustrations, photography, and more, 

Kristina Ferenchuk

Award-winning jewelry designer & maker, Kristina’s creations come from a love for detail, craftsmanship and small structures.

During her time at Central Saint Martins, she developed individual ways of using modern technology in her design process, enabling her to build high precision complex structures that come to life.